JYF provides great fellowship opportunities for our 3rd-5th graders. Once a month they join up with our older youth (6th-12th grade) along with adult mentors for dinner and activities. This is an awesome opportunity to build relationships within the church. We call it LOGOS – a relational ministry centered around the idea of breaking bread and sharing a meal around a table just as Jesus did with his disciples. So come and join us for this fun and meaningful time together!
Fall Schedule
Sunday, October 14th                         12:00-4:00              JYF lunch and the zoo!
Sunday, October 21st                          5:00-7:00               One5Twenty        
        ALL together                                                             LOGOS Dinner & Service 
Sunday, December 17th                      5:00-7:00               One5Twenty
                                                                                          LOGOS Dinner & Parties
What is LOGOS Dinner Ministry?
There is a program called LOGOS that centers around the idea that something happens when we spend time breaking bread around the table together. So once a month volunteers prepare and serve a meal to youth and adults at assigned tables. At each table 4-6 youth and 2 regular “table hosts” (adults) gather for a family style meal. Each time we meet for this ministry, the same group of youth and adults will gather and eat together. The goal – simply eat and engage in conversation about what is going on in their lives. This is a relational ministry that offers the opportunity to build inter-generational relationships, for the youth to get connected to people in the larger church, and simply to have fellowship over a meal and know that God’s people care about their lives. When we break bread together Christ is present. So come, and join us for a meal that matters.