Our Adult Sunday School groups provide friends, support, mission, and outreach opportunities, as well as opportunities to learn about and serve God and humankind. We have eight classes that meet each Sunday morning at 10:15 (after coffee fellowship).
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Although we have provided general descriptions of each class to assist you in finding a class that you might enjoy,
EVERY class is open to EVERY person. So please, don’t hesitate to try out multiple classes
until you find a fit that is right for you and your faith journey.
Young Couples With Children at Home
Classrooms West of Fellowship Hall
Led by Linda Engelking & Ed Wales
Come meet this energetic group made up mostly of parents with children, ages, birth to middle school students. A major focus of the class is to teach and encourage members to be godly parents and to raise children to know Jesus. The group studies and discusses books of the Bible, as well as other materials relating to building strong marriages and parenting.
Lots of Thoughts
Couples and Parents
Led by Curt Riffel
An adult Sunday School class of couples and parents seeking to live out and discuss their faith in a truly Disciples (DOC) way. Although this class studies a variety of material (from Bible Study, to current events, to book studies), every class is discussion oriented and seeks to be a place where all feel welcomed to speak up and join in dialogue. We are OK with the realization that God is bigger than we will ever fully comprehend. Though there may be diversity on various issues, there is unity in spirit, unity in mission, and unity in our love for God and Christ.
Classrooms West of Fellowship Hall
Led by Chet Hufstedler
The Unity class invites you to come for Bible Study, prayer, fellowship, and fun. The class enjoys a Bible-based lesson with lively but friendly discussions, and is comprised of committed Christians of various ages, walks of life, and denominational backgrounds. The members enjoy coming together to worship, serve, and care for one another while having fun!
Classrooms West of Fellowship Hall
Led by Danny Housewright
The Messengers invite you to join them as they grow together in Christ. This class focuses on a single book of the Bible and covers that book in detail. The class is made up of a mixture of married couples and singles, parents and grandparents. The group enjoys spending time together in social activities, doing service projects, and studying God’s word in a discussion-oriented setting.
Top of Sanctuary Stairs
Led by: Danny Amos & Al Surles
Come join this generous, fun-loving group of seniors any Sunday for a challenging and inspiring Bible lesson from the Present Word.
Pairs & Spares
Top of Sanctuary Stairs
Teacher: Matt Wadsworth


Comprised of adults of all backgrounds, Christian perspectives and ages, the Pairs and Spares class welcomes adults of all ages to join in an hour of fellowship, prayer, study, and discussion of the Bible or related Christian materials.